Sunday, September 28, 2008

#10-Dissapointment,Tears,Joy & Raya!!!!

Welowelowelo!!! Sorry for the very late post,was away for awhile had test and quizes last 3 week!!Well I face 2 horrible weeks, I flung 2 of my test(darn~),was quiet down past two week,didn't have the interest in participating any event,luckly i have a good and caring friend,that help me through out the week and I thank her for that,who might it be??Well,lets keep that a secret ay,only I know who that person is. Well along the two horrible weeks,I faced a very tough time. Had a speaking test that I was nervous like a chicken about to be chopped,a freindly match against UTP and Menglembu distrcit team(quiet tough) arghhhhh!!!!Can say I almost about to whimp(chicken)along the two weeks.Went and see my business lecturer,ask her word of advice.

Ramadhan in campus was fun but not that fun cause you are away from your family ay. My room was the port for break fast,the guys will gather there and wait for maghrib. Most of us can't wait to go back. It's been 5 weeks since most of us went back home. Raya songs was played in our room,the persona of raya is there(now I realy know true meaning of Raya). Our class bought the same bus ticket for 18 people but in the end only 13 turned up. We had a great journey back home,most of us can't wait to touched down Pudu,unfortunately for my friend here,Nazmi(sorry have to bring it up)he left Medan Gopeng earlier than me,but his bus broke down in the middle of the way,so we arrived first instead of him,later on he phoned me,told me that he arrived about 20 minutes after me.Dad pick me up under the bridge and went straight for supper,was darn hungry!!!Had only mee mamak but was stuff after that.

Next day,had break fast at my Opah's house,everyone was there,Maklang,Makngah,Aciktyna,Ucu and my dearest new born cousin,Zahra

she so cute,geram sampai gigit dia,hahahaha!!!It was fun to see all my cousins there. Went back quiet early cos opah tired already. On sunday had our break fast at Tony Roma's,brother treat us there,the tenderness and the juiceness of the meat,gosh i can't barely explain,you should try it yourself, Well that is all about now, I'll continue later(nak pergi main God Of War,hahahahaha)

Friday, September 5, 2008

#9 Independance Day,Fasting Month & More Test!!!!!!!!!

Countdown for our 51st Independence day at UiTM field. There was a lots of events being held there. Most of us was waiting for the fireworks. There was several of it and not quiet bad fireworks been launched.

We all went to JJ supposedly to catch a movie but decided to grab lunch at McD's and went shopping!!!!!! I just bought a t-shirt from reject shop(darn,wish i have a better shape of myself instead of being very round)Lan bought a few clothes. It was a merdeka saleee so the mall was packed with people(can't barely move around*gasp)hahahahhaa,went back to campus around 5. Was quiet tiring.

Begins the fasting month of the year,just sat in the room doing nothing because tired of yesterday.huhuhuhhuuu,than in the evening break fast with my roommates and went to sleep quiet early~

Had our CTU test today,damn don't know what i answered but hope got a reasonable marks.huhuhuh

Had our eco test early in the morning,took lots of time in one particular question,supposedly not but managed to answered all. Eyes infection came back(darn can't you stop bothering me)went back to the room and slept until evening. huhuhuhhu at night went to meet my senior(Ieqa)She been keeping my gift from the dinner night,pity her. Just wanna wish her thank you very much for keeping it and delivering it.

Today was Faezah's birthday(Happy Bithrday!!!!!!!!!!) Just wish her after our bel260 class and send a poem to her. Had a qmt181 quiz in the evening. Answered quiet confident but don't know what the result will be. Huhuhuhuhu

Woke up with a major migraine and forced myself to go to class. My lecturer ask me,what's wrong with me.can't barely open my eyes. I told him that i had a major migraine and the best is he ask me to break fast(hahahaha)don't want to.Kikikiki On the evening had our Business test,answered accordingly to the question but....don't know what the result will be. Hahahahaha