Friday, July 31, 2009


When I'm sad Or hurt
I think of you to make myself happy again,
But sometimes when I try to think of you,
It hurts even more and more,
Shouldn't it be the opposite?
I can't describe this confusion within me,
Just let me say this,
I love you just so you know,because I realize something,
I just simply can't be without you,
And I love you more than you know,
I wanna marry and have babies with you,
Your the only one in my heart and always be.


I have dream of you I can't defined,
Don't go, I'll be lost without you by my side,
Earth angel,please be mine,
My darling dear,I love you all the time,
I'm just a Fool, A fool In Love with You,
Without you,I'm not okay
Without you, I lost my way

#53-Just You And Me

Just You And Me,
On a Tree,Adoring God's creation,
The Moon,that shines the sky at night,
You look very beautiful when the moon shines on you,
You lay your head on my lap,I played with you wavy hair
That I always admire,
I kiss you and whisper into your ears
"Good Night my love and Love you"

#52-Scare Crow

‘Scare Crow’
This Is I Am to You,

This Is What Will I Be to You,
I’m Just There to Slot in When There’s An Empty Space,
Touch and Go, Instead of Feel Me,
I Want to Hold You Close Until You Feel My Heart Beat,
Love Is the Greatest Thing I Can Give To You,
And Want to Whisper Tender Words That’s Soft and Sweet into Your Ears,
But How Possible Can I Do All of This....
I’m Just a ‘SCARE CROW’



You were always been there for me,
You were my teacher,my mom and most importantly you were my best friend,
I was so naive to take advantage of you by falling in love with someone else,
Though never consider nor even care how you feel,
You were supporting me the whole way up,
And I just thought that you were helping me as a friend,
One day,you were gone,thousand miles away without saying goodbye,
And all the sudden,my heartache,like it was reap apart into two,
I received a letter from you, a necklace was with it too,
News that you are in LOVE with me since the day we met,
You wrote that never ever try to search for you ain't no mountain high enough,ain't no river low enough,do not search for you,
I manage to call your mom, with tremble she answered the phone and said
"You were killed in an accident"
I screamed and punish myself to the ground,threw things,even try to kill myself
But..there's no point of it...
You are gone,forever and its to late for everything or anything and my chance to say
Thanx to Nani

Saturday, July 25, 2009

#50-All falls down

After a disaster weekssss,now it has come to this. Heart broken to the max....what can I do???Nothing,so if she don't need me,guess I just move on like always,have been skipping meals lately,no mood of eating,cause this love sick thingy,such a waste....maybe I will end up dead without love....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

#49-Disaster weekssssssssssss

Love does really hurt though...these past few weeks in Perak was a hell to me. Can say I almost kill myself because of her. This 'thing' always happen to me though,can' stand it already,I'm just like a scarecrow,people just slot me in just to keep the quota full. It gave me an idea to make a new poem called 'Scarecrow'.

My attire always become the factor here,always have,always will. Guess I have start to become gay is a better solution for me.If not I will only become heart broken and my wound will never be heal.....

Friday, July 3, 2009

#48-Silent Night...

Today,I went Bangsar and Subang Parade to get my needs cause I will be away for couple of months,yes,yes,classes will be starting next week and I got to get my ass back to 'Silver State'.Hahahahaha,well things don't turn up as you expected,but you just have to go with the flow,unless you have a backup plan,for me,I don' think I have one,because if I loose this one,I just have to accept it no matter I like it or not.I have to move on,but when things roll up back towards you,just open your arms with free will. Hehehehe,by the way,maybe I will not be posting as often because will be tight up with my classes. It depends on circumstances though. Hehehe wish my all the best for this new semester.Toodles~

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Yesterday I try to find this solution regarding my problem that I have mention earlier in my recent post,and 'A' friend help me with it. He gave a knock in the head that make me realize,the solution is true. Thank god it work out a bit,but I feel somber through the whole day and to make it more somber,it rains for the past 2 days...='0(,so hmmm,i can't do anything except pray to God and hope for the best.Insyallah~=0D

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The sky is dark,
The streets are wet,
All the bad things happens to day,
Make me just move on

Another stress day at work,
Keeps me bugging the whole day,
But thinking of you,all my sorrows and anger flew away.

There is beauty
In my day
When I share
It with you
My love

But how can I share?
All this time,
I am the only one who is playing this love game
All the future that I set in my mind,
Will and Never come true

Some people say,
'Dreams come true'
Though thee be the one for me,
But all my dreams has shatters

Because I lost you,
The only person I love...
Tears pore down along these Rosy cheeks
With only you in my mind,I always be and love.

#45-Be Less Discourage,Be More Determined

Common man,you can do it!!!! I always say this to myself for the past 3 days...hahahahaha,lately I've been feeling pretty low and I know what is it,but can't tell lorrr.huhuhuhuhuhuhu. Thing around me are being negative and to push myself is to think postive,butttttttttt the problem is,everytime i try to think postive,the negative aura is very powerful than i could imagine. I can be postive for about few minutes,after that it start to think badly,i think i have this ability to read people,but i never jump to conclusion and start commenting,but sometimes the negative thoughts make you want to do that know?
It's tough though sometimes,but i always say,failure can make you stronger,but I am caught by this negative aura around me. God only knows what is happening to me right now and I attend to hide it from my friends by being bubbly and funny all the time to show I'm having a fun time but inside,the heart and feelings crashing up.
Well nothing to share anymore,only who reads this understand my feelings. Take care!!!

#44-You are not alone~

Our day has been shocked by the death of our only King Of Pop,Michael Jackson.He is the best of the best that no one could ever and i mean ever to replace him. His hits singles like Billie Jean,Thriller and Beat It,has stole our heart since then. We will always remember you in our heart Michael.