Saturday, December 20, 2008


Arghhhhhhhhhh finally result came out,huhuhuhhuu alhamdulillah,thank god i didn't flung any paper,huhuhhuh but somethings i didn't expected to get that particular marks,but i just thank god for my effort,but i have to try harder next semester,huhuhhuh.

Well things seems to be relieve for me right now,but somethings are not,like going back to campus,huhuhuhuhuhu another one week to go(mcm x percaya pula)huhuhuhu but what to do,have to focus for my future. This all for the future though. Hmmmm insyallah next week will go out with my schoolmates,it's been while i really hang out with them and Christmas is just around the corner,i take this opportunity to wish Merry Christmas to my cousins and my friends and a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!Bye!bye! 2008 and Hello to 2009!!!

And i would like to congratulate to all my friends who scores for their examination,for those who didn't scores,it's alright though,4 semester to go,strive harder,shoot for the moon,even you fall,you'll land among the stars.
Well do take care.=0D

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

15..aku takut

Wahhhh.It's been two weeks i didn't wrote anything.huhhuhuhuh sorry guys. Well last week was a wet hari raya aidiladha for us,and was very tiring for me,the drowziness,huhuhuuhu.
On Thursday,went out with Farid & Amir to the Curve. Faridlah wanted to see movie so badly,dahlah on Wednesday dia pergi Pavillion tidak ajak.Hahahahaha. Went and watch 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'.Kinda dragging story.3 stars.1 for the movie and 2 for Jennifer Connely.hehehehehe.Then went for lunch at Madam Lim,hahahaha Farid was sweating like after a marathon.He ordered TomYam Meehoon Soup.Should see his face.Kahahahaha,damn funny.Was louging around the mall.They set up a beautiful christmas tree there with the Elfs and all(btw the christmas tree can spin)huuhuuhuhuhu.
On Friday went to midvalley in the evening cause parents got Annual Dinner at Sunway Hotel so can't tag along. Went to borders and pick a book and just read like no body bussines until Maghrib prayers. Waited for my brother to finish his work,than he joined me at The Garden' food court. The food quite tasty though but a lil bit expensivelar. Around 10p.m,we waited our parents to joined us at Gloria Jeans. hehehe then went back home.
This week-Monday,myself and parents went to midvalley to see client and while we on our way to The Gardens, I saw Alz. She look very mature,lain dari lainlah. I was stun for awhile.hahahaha.Hehehehe but she didn't saw melah,huhuhuhu.
Today,I'm waiting to see my future that's lie ahead to see what I have done for the past 4 months in Uitm for my second semester,quite nervous and scared. Wish me luck

Monday, December 1, 2008


Haaaaa it's been raining for the past few days,nak pergi jogging pun susah. Last week,I went jogging on Wednesday evening,suddenly a strong and chill wind blew me away(but x terbanglah,cuma anjak kebelakang)suddenly started to rain heavily,so no choice have t o run in the rain. After that,didn't went straight for shower but continue working out.Huhhuhhuhu. Bought a new game on Thursday,Def Jam Vendetta Fight For NY,damn nice weiii...didn't regret a bit buying it but the disappointed part was my Yakuza 2 game,last chapter,the game buat hal,adoiyai!Anti-climax game!Aces! Hahahahaha