Friday, August 29, 2008

#8 Test Week

Started the second semester after the mid-term break with lots of test.Tuesday didn't went to class cause of infection in the eye,sinus and migraine grrrrrr.On Wednesday,received our economics quiz back didn't do good only half a mark. On that night was staticstics test,was okay but still confused with one or two question.Thursday,studied from 5 p.m to 2 a.m, because the next day will be our FAR test.Test day,one or two question didn't quiet make it but just sake of getting a mark just fill in the blanks. After the test,went straight to the basketball court. We having friendly match with UiTM Merbok, Kedah,not a good game at all,lots and lots of brawl, can comment that was very unprofessional game ever played. We lost 30 to 36,but next time we have our revenged back. So I conclude my day with tiring,stressful,enjoyment & sleepy day hehehehe.

#7 Holiday Break

Went out with amir to have a man to man chat. Hahaha sounds very funny, just hanging out at mid valley had a cup of coffee, chat a little, Farid was there along. Amir bought guitar string and picks and Farid bought a sony Mp3. We persuade him to buy a samsung mp3 cause the accessories is better than sony, there's bluetooth and a video player and the price is same as the sony. Our brother still want to buy the sony, so we can't do anything, it's his money... Went back home with my big bro...than went to Syiok cafe for dinner, was tiring day that day but I had fun.

It was rather a dull and wet day, rain was pouring down like it's not going to stop,went to Subang Parade to meet Nazmi there,we were planning to go out with my classmates. Me and Nazmi took KTM from Subang to kl central. In the train, I sat beside a very lovely young Chinese lady. I was looking at on what she was doing. She was preparing a financial statement that i know in accounting. So I was assuming she an accountant, and then the fun part begin when I saw a dialog box beside the Microsoft excel column that stated' Ernst & Young which is the top 4 company major in accounting in the world. So it make me more excited. I was thinking 10 times whether ask or not to ask. When we were about reach kl central, i determine myself to ask and she answered yes. She graduated from Sunway College and working E&Y for two years already, she an auditor there. She was giving me an advice to pursue my study in ACCA instead of degree. Along the chat,Nazmi was pocking-pocking me from behind(xada koje). It was really an experience to me to meet this kind of people.

Met my classmates at Times Square and we hanged out there like until sunset,watched 'don't mess with the zohan' movie, damn nice and funny bought some clothes and stuff.

When we were about to go back the monorail was packed like sardines. I was like the big sardine squash inside there,gosh can't barely move man, can't barely breathe too. Hahahahaha. When we reached Kl central monorail, we all went out our own ways. Myself and Nazmi waited for a bus near the monorail station,i was supposed to head to Bangsar to meet my dad and bro there. Hail a cab,don't want to go there, was piss off about it,waited a bus with Nazmi, a bus passes by and i was chasing the bus,when i was near to the bus,it went off,was piss off some more.GRRRRRRR...lucky nazmi, he went back first. So i decided to go to the kl central itself, to search a bus or cab. Dad keep on calling, i was piss off with all the cab and bus drivers. On my way to search for the bus, I met Dlare~ She from MidValley. Had couple of talks,offered my company but she said she was OK. I have to respect her decision. Then dad called, asked to meet upstairs.Went straight home and sleep, was damn tiring.
Thank you!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

#6 Boring~

Started the day with waking up at 10 a.m,huhuhuhuhu had nasi lemak for breakfast. Help my mom with house chores.... I read the news paper and saw an article about Diana Krall concert but it's very expensive(whylar...????)cheapest ticket is RM300. Why do I hv no luck when I wanna go to this kind of concert?Grrrrrr,along the pages,read about Mocca,that will be performing today. Another dissapoinment*sob*Having a bad day,today. Had McD for lunch,quater pounder with cheese. Gosh~how long since I ate one?

Got my hair cut after Zohor prayers. The barber complain why am I getting bald.Hahahahaha I was laughing all the way,but what to do I said it is in the family. The barber said I will become fully bald by the age of 25,am I??? Gotta to do something.

Check out the new hair cut*

Online the whole day, open every single email that I have to,read all of it. Open my facebook,myspace and friendster,upload some photos,huh~ Very tiring because of sitting to long. Went out to Pandis for dinner,ate Rava Thosai,dah lama gila x makan,was very satisfied...Well this the end. Bon nuit~

Saturday, August 16, 2008

#5 Home!!!!

Well woke up kinda late that day,so we will start our mid-sem break today and all of us can't wait to go home especially Taqim. Our brother can't wait.hehehehe, We had our morning class with FAR learning about suspent account. Kinda cool to know why is the account created. Was very sleepy but luckily didn't slept in d class. We ended our class at 10 a.m and everyone was rushing back to go home. We hug and kisses each other(girls with girls only). Didn't had the chance to say goodbye to Dba,Huda,dLa,shikin,k-rol and most of the girls. Just send a text message to them.huhuhhuhuhu,well myself,wan,fitrah,syahid,khalil,fadh and wan rep will go back on the same bus at 8 p.m. We reached KL around midnight. My dad and brother pick me up from the Pudu station and treated me for supper at Starbucks Midvalley,just ate sandwich and java chip blended. Was tired and sleepy. I went to bed around 2 a.m.

#4 Birthday Bash

Quiet ok though that day,just like a mad man wondering around here and there. We had our big demonstration at noon about "our rights as a student",my voice kinda like break up that evening because of shouting to much,hahahahaha dummy~Then after the demo, I went to the clinic. I'm having this xtremely ich on my left hand side,feel like cutting hand off,the doctor said it might cause by an insect call "Charlie".Hahahaha,he just gave me a cream to apply on.That night was a fun night,but not that fun,cause I feel kinda dizzy. We celebrated Yusuf and Shikin's birthday,most of the class member and some from other classes attend, we had a small celebration and we start wiping each other faces with the cake.Hahahaha i got hit too! And we started the fun part,egg breaking on d brithday boy and girl.Actualy Hafiz wanted all of us to throw the egg at Yusuf but most of the guys planned that they wanna throw the egg at Hafiz,so Khalil told Yusuf what's what,and we let Hafiz lead the way,we counted to 3 and "Bam! Smack!"shit the face out on Hafiz and speed ourself away from him,Hafiz covered with eggs and I mean plenty of it.We end it with all of us taking shower at 1 a.m.

#3 Stressfool

11/08/08-Stressfool Day 1
Was very stressful day,just receive back my biz.quiz,did very bad and almost cried( a man crying,couldn't believe that huh?hahahahaha),then our lecturer inform us that she is going to the 2nd quiz in essay form make me more stressful than ever,Gosh,my hir gone heywire already,but did quiet ok though. During our FAR class,dla,huda and dba try to calm me down,then I felt better,thanks to these 3 lovely ladies. I receive compliment from my chief coordinator about my appearance. I was embarrased but try to keep it cool(kikikiki).That evening we had our basketball practise and did quiet badly because f my Biz.quiz affects my performance.Well, didn't seem to be that bad until i can't concerntrate at all
12/08/08-Stessfool Day 2
On Tuesday morning,during my statictics class...only 5 of the guys including me came to the class. The lecturer ask,why it is so quiet?It's like we the only people inside the campus. The guys didn't bother to answer the question neithe to I.hahahaha. On that evening, I skip my basketball practise because the next day we are having our economic's quiz and gave me a massive headache. Well you gotta do what you gotta do. Slept quiet late that night just for revising what will come out the next day
13/08/08-Stressfool Day 3
The big day has come ,for me to mark up my eco's marks. Did quiet bad on the essay part,can't barely answer question #2. Didn't expected for culculation to come out. Damn dawg~ I was pretty mess up back there,the multiple-choice was ok though but the essay part, it's just like fcuk up! Damn~

Friday, August 8, 2008

#2 Calm Day

Gun shot?Announcement for us to go to the field?What this all about?Is UiTM under attack?Is was a very calm morning but the gun shot wake me up from sleep and had me stun what is happening.They having a campaign organized by PDRM, called RAKAN COP that's being held in Padang A.Quiet shock though.My friends are all sleeping like a baby.Hmmm lucky them!Straight to the bathroom ,shower and had around 10 a.m. Sms nazmi,asked him if he wanted to go to the cc in front of the campus.

Yesterday was a very stressful day for me,we just received our eco quiz 1 and i did realy bad. I was disappointed and feel very down. Amir,my pal ask me what was going on,i just kept quiet and that night,called my dad and xplain to him everything,he just gave me word of advice and do better for the next quiz. Release my stress by watching "Wanted"quiet nice movie though.

was very hungry like he can eat a cow. Along the way,i was texting with dla on d phone and talking to nazmi who is beside me.She gave me a boost and had a great conversation with her this morning,she is going to her opah's house in Lambor,bota and waiting for her cousin to fetch her. Me and nazmi had our lunch at rahmat's corner. Currently,we at the cc,checking our mails and everything,suddenly nazmi was attacked by a furious CPU.hahaha kinda funny though(u all should seen it). Damn funny.Hahahahaha

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fresh Day!

Hooray!!! Today is my first day of posting a blog. Kinda new though so need help along the way.Huhuhuhuhu,well where should i start.full name,nabil nazmi bin harith in puchong bandar kinrara.race,hmmm what do u think???hahaha i am multiracial.hehehe indian can,chinese can,malay also can,chindian also can,hahahha.well currently now starting my 2nd sem in Uitm Perak,my course will be D.I.A that's stands for diploma in accountancy,classes and activities are packed because ramadhan is coming so everything has to be done before it. Today was rather a very calm and dull day because of the weather here.It's been sizzling hot for the past two weeks.Had a family day last sunday(03/08/08)had a great time,enjoy to the max. 2 days was fun listening to the old rock bands from classmates hp,we had a great chat along the way. Tonight insyallah,we'll continue our session again. We had some things to settled by this evening but unfortunately it was postponed to tomorrow. Well that's about today. Hope to keep you all update. take care