Saturday, March 28, 2009

#29-Another rainy and dull night

Well had that chat that i want to,can consider happy for me,but I'm worry about her feelings though,hmmm well yesterday was Earth Day,my campus switch off the street lights,hahahaha was dark like you can't see a thing,hehehe we did some naughty stuff in the dark(shhhhh)hehehehehe

And it was raining so it add a lil bit of uhm!in the darkness,hahahahahaha!!!It was quite successful,didn't expect the campus will switch off the lights,huhuhuhu,Switch off the lights and save the earth!!! huhuhuhuhu

New poem
"It Begins With One"
One person,makes the proposal;
One person,to accept the invitation;
One word.needed and that is LOVE;
One heart,have connected;
One love,have created.



Chest pain!!!Stupid phlegm!!!why am i still sick,eyes watery,stupid2!!!well it's not really a bad week for me,i can say it's a spectacular one,had a sweet conversation with my admirer,huhhuhuhuhu.She so sweet,hehehehe,learn some new guitar moves,hahahaha and I forgot to mention that I participated in the inter part that held during the weekend last week,volleyball and we did pretty good,2nd place,even though we can be the champs but all was like nervous and afraid,at least we did our best.

Wanna wish happy birthday to Fadh. You be girl already.Hehehehehe.My shoulder again making problem,it aches like hell,and i asked for the coach help to massage it.I learned how to massage people,quite interesting hehehehe.

Maybe tonight,hang out at downtown with nazmi,huhuhuhuhu,and hope i can chat with her again,hehehehe.Take care mates~

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Huhuhuhuhuh I've fall ill,again and this time food poisoning. Ate 'tempe' at DM and became worst at night.Vomited twice.Curse you DM!!!! Didn't go to class on Wednesday,was unable to walk neither leave the bed,was dehydrated like shit. Ate rice for the past 5 days and can't barely avoid it cause need energy to wake up and go to class.Drank 2 bottles of 100plus(damn cause more money).

It was hell as well as heaven to me this week,met a new heart,not just one but two,but....can't barely you know,say the word.Heart jumping around(like my friend said),still searching for the one,but I think it's better off to make friend first.It still long way to go for me.Well have to go through a lots of task this week and hmmm,and miss ma famille,home,and exercising....3 weeks to go and home sweet home,the end of my 3rd semester is coming(time flies),final is coming and I'm in love with...~

Saturday, March 14, 2009

#26 LIV 4 - MU 1

Hahahaha was bloody satisfied with the amount of goals scored by Liverpool.Felicitations LIV!
Serves you right MU fans!!!hahahahahahahaha.

Monday got two presentation to present,another presentation on Thursday and test on Friday....I'm home sick,heartache and lost(my heart still fooling around)....And I only can redha all the situation I'm going through.

Made new friends 3 days ago,they are very friendly,nice,and thanks Nani for reading my poems,more will come but not the time being...

Nazmi why do you have to go to KL???Tim Kai ya????I wanna go home!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Des Souvenir De Amours

Oh Joie Vous Etes Presente;
(Oh Joy, You Are Here)

Tous LesReves D'amour Moi Je Les Entrevois;
(I Glismpse All The Love-Dream)

J'entendes Les Anges Qui Chantent;
(I Hear The Angel Sing)

Et C'est Un-e Chanson;
(And It's A Song)

Qui N'est Rien Que Pour Moi;
(For Me Alone)

Quand L'ete Au Bord De La Mer;
(When It's Summer By The Sea)

Vous Etes La;
(And You Are There)

Le Clel Est Toujours Clair;
(The Sun Is Always There)

Et Le Sable Ou Vous Dormez;
(And The Sand On Which You Sleep)

Aussitot M'est Cher;
(Is Just As Dear)

You Looked At Me And Smile;

J'ai Ton Scurir Dans Mon Coeur;
(I Keep Your Smile In My Heart)

C'est Ma P'tite Fleur De Bonheur
(It's My Flower If Joy)

Ma Fleur D'amour
(My Flower Of Love)

Que Reste T'il;
(There Just Remains)

Des Billet Doux Des Mois D'avril Des Rendevous;
(A Note Of Love The Monthe Of April Our Meeting)

Que Reste T'il Des Nos Amours;
(There Just Remain Of Our Love)

Que Reste T'il De Ces Beaux Jours;
(There Just Remains-Of Our Fine Days)

Nabil Nazmi

Well I'm not in the mood actualy,mentally abused,hehehehehe i posted a new poem,hope you all enjoyed it and do take care.Got to go now,have to performe tomorrow,quite nervous actually,well wish me luck =0)