Saturday, May 30, 2009

#39-Lakers win???Kejap giler

haih Lakers win again and they are in the final.Grrrrr,why Denver?why???they had a great run,suddenly tup*tup*,lost...haih anyway,things just pass by very fast,damn,so i didn't manage to update that fast,hope this week will be a better week for me cause I'm having a lots of stress lately. Insyallah

Saturday, May 23, 2009

#38- Cavs Take Back Their Crown At Home

The Cavs take back their crown after defeating the Magic 96-95 of the 2nd game of the eastern conference final. Lebron shot the buzzer beater over Hedo Turkoglu to take away the win. Lebron said that they cannot take the risks of losing the 2nd game and make it 2-0 for the Magic. LBJ drops 35 points and 5 assist.

Meanwhile,Superman didn't have his night only putting 10 points in the basket but grab a tremendous 18 rebounds. Turkoglu and Lewis shared their points but unfortunately can't take away the win. Lewis had 23 while Turkoglu scored 21.

Will the Magic bounce back in the 3rd game at home?I bet they do. What will happen in the 3rd game,well guess we have to wait next week.

#37-Zahra's 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Zahra,your first birthday and your first cake,Hehehehe.

Most the relatives were there and the my granny house full with people. My aunt invited most of her friends and my granny invited hers too. Auntie JC also celebrated her birthday yesterday too.

Hehehe it was nice because all the relatives were there.

Friday, May 22, 2009

#36-Orlando win first game,Denver take game 2

Orlando take away game 1 of the eastern conference final against Cleveland yesterday 107-106. D.Howard drop 30 points and grabs 13 rebounds of the night.

But the main man who make this all happen was R.Lewis with 22 points and 2 BIG threes at the last minute of the game.Lebron final jump ball unfortunately can't take away the win and suffer from minor injury on his left knee. Hope the Cavs will come back for the second game and hoping Lebron will be in good shape.

Game 2 of the western conference final,Denver won against the Los Angeles 106-103 and tied the series 1-1. It was Melo and Mr.Big Shot night when both pair combined 61 of Denver's points to take away game 2 at L.A.. Melo caught 34 points while Billups drop 27 points. 3rd Game will be at Denver.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

#35-Lakers Take Away First Game

Lakers take home the first game of the western conference final by beating up Denver 105-103. Denver had the tremendous lead in the 4th quarter,but Lakers came back up with Derek Fisher 'smoosh' 3 pointer, assist by Kobe Bryant. Kobe had 40 points,4 assist and 6 rebounds.

T. Ariza make a big steal from Billups but he came back with a BIG three and make it to a 2 point game. But yet they were undefeated and win the first game.Carmelo was upset that he loose but the young lad scored 39 points and 6 rebounds. Both Carmelo and Bryant made a technical foul at 2nd and 3rd quarter. What will happen the second game? We will find out next Friday.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hahahaha its been while!I wonder why I seldom paste my blog,Brrrrr....1 week has past(kejap je),after my last paper,kinda fast though,one week already past in my 2 months hols...lots of thing need to be done before I go back to campus..Hmmm,not much to say actually,kinda bored for the past one week,hope things will get better for the coming weeks.!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

#33-Happy Hols and New ME!!!

Exam are over,3rd semester has ended!!What a relief!!!Hahahaha, all the hard work that I put in for 4months,all the stress,hope the result will be flying colours.

Will be having my semester break for two months. Got lots of things to do and check out the new hair. Stylin'

Hahahaha,well this a new start for me,i want to make changes,a good changes that is. Wish me luck.