Saturday, February 28, 2009


It's been a week since i have this feeling of heartache.I can't describe what is happening to me,the 'L' feelings growing inside me...but I can't barely know who I have this feeling for...anyways,test 1 was totally sucks for me and family day and dinner is coming,another test is coming(need to be prepared)and need to cut my hair,more test are coming,more hair are falling and my heart is still aching.Please free myself from this nightmare.All the best for me

Friday, February 6, 2009

#23 Exhausted

 Well,I started my second part of my third sem..mmm what can I say,very tiring,hay wiring and injuries.
Tiring is that,hmmm no rice for the past 4 days,working out excessively non stop,classes up to the  evening and other stuff. Hay wiring with all the assignments and d projects have to be done in a short period,tests are coming(waiting)and arghhhhhh in dilemma of something.My sprint my ankle and had a collusion while playing basketball,limping while walking,kinda painful though.Huhuhuhuhu.

Nani bought a new hp(saje kaco,know u will read my blog),Liverpool out of the FA Cup(curse you Everton),test in forth night,Thaipusam on Sunday(Monday is a holiday),still not impressed with my body,still not impressing my lecturers(arghhhh gotta do something)Well that's all folks