Wednesday, November 19, 2008

#13 Final finished!Hols here I come!!!

Hard long one month of final exam for me....has gone,phew~Hols are coming.Hehehehe. Well it's been a hell of one month of examination for me to go through and went through with full of guts and courage. Not enough sleep for me,had lots of coffee. Now i'm a heavy coffee drinker(care for a coffee?Call me...hahahahaha)Last paper was on the 181108. Went back on that day itself. Eager to go back home. Home Sweet Home!
On Wednesday,my brother and me self went to Pyramid to catch a movie,Madagascar 2!!!Damn funny. Hahahahaha you all should go and watch it.Bro and me were laughing like no one else were there(hahahaha even an aunty laugh out loud than us).
Today,I'm in Bangsar Village 2 right now,having coffee with my parents. It's been while had a cup coffee with them.Will continue later and do take care!