Monday, June 29, 2009

#43-Is This The End....Or A Beginning Of Something new

Well I should put so much hope though. See now what happen?I'm hurt. I shouldn't have put big hopes,but we were getting along just fine...well,what can I say,I just have to move on. I can't let this feeling pull me always. It's been a zillion time this thing happen,but who to blame except myself +'0(
Each day have past,
Each moment have counted,
Everyday my heart fall into pieces,
For no reason, I've became a statue.
What is this felling that I have in my heart?
Feeling that I cannot describe,
Everyday I've been searching for this feeling that lay inside me,
A feeling,I can't bared live without it.
Is this love,that I feel?
But who does my heart belong to?
Is she out there or my heart just fooling around?
To search this feeling,I end my life with.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


My trip to Penang was a Blast!!!Even though,didn't manage to stay there a bit longer,but it was different from the other trips to here. We went to to the Taman Rama-Rama Pulau Pinang. It was nice,lots-lots of animal and species were there,my brother keep on mentioning the 2nd picture as a Colossus(PS2 game)it is a something snapper,i can't remember the name,and as usual we went to the night market,I bought a tie from there.The best part I played an eye game with one of the white girl,she was damn cute and started blushing,but can't play to long aye,her mom was there,if not my eye become like panda.Hahahaha.Realy had a great time,waiting for my next trip to Penang again and hoping to find this Majestic Rojak and have a meal at Crepe Cottage located at Gurney Drive.

Monday, June 15, 2009

#41-Lakers Won

Lakers won their 15Th championship. A blow out for Orlando. The same thing repeated on game 4,when they were leading tremendously,all of the sudden,they fall behind. Arghhhh cannot accept,Why????????Tim Kai Ya Orlando????I want you all to win.haish anyways I'm going to Penang.Hahhahaha

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Result Uitm came out already.Did quite bad again,my CG drop again,arghhhhhh,why is this happening. I have to bulk up my CG man,if not i wont be able to apply for my degree,wish me a better semester next July,and i hope I can improve everything that I am doing right now,no matter in what field....