Tuesday, June 22, 2010

#79- Lovey Dovey

Well we manage to see each other after a couple of months...(sobbing)I miss her a lot, and I mean A LOT!!!! Manage to kiss and hug her for a very long time since 2 months back.hmmm~(miss that moment sayang) My and her wish were come true,as we promise to each other that we are going to Mid together someday and that day was on Thursday(17.06.2010). We did some noty2 stuff,hahahaha.Hehehehe(grinning)
That day was a day to cure all my sorrowfulness towards my ugly p5 results!Hmmm have to work harder!
I want to thank you,my baby boo, for giving me the life that I never expect it to be and I appreciate every moment that we'd been through~
I love you my baby boo~

#78-4th anniversary~

Happy anniversary sayang!!!!Hmmm can't believe its four beautiful and memorial months!!! I will always love my sayang now and after life,no one can replace you in my heart sayang. You're the only one for me~~~
"Twinkle, twinkle
Little star,
Oh my didi where you are,
Deep inside my heart,
Yes you are,
Like the diamond in my heart yes you are~

Sunday, June 6, 2010

#77-Fatty Bom Bom!

I'm not sure that am getting fat or what,but my tummy is flabby and I don't like to look at it!!!arghhhhh feel so stress out because of this tummy issue!!! I've jogged and everything but still,hmmmm it does take time though,huuhuhuhuhuuhu. Patience Nabil, Patience!