Tuesday, August 3, 2010

#91-Anger Management

Friends..sometimes they are there for you,sometimes they back stab you! In my world I only found certain people they i can call as friends!~My dad, my bro, my mom,my girl and the rest that i considered as a friend. Some times friends just want to use you for their own benefit, some times they might help you...but you must do something to return the favor. Life is like that right now, people are becoming selfish as an ever before. Where is the generosity of man kind? Where is the beauteous of a friendship? Some times why do people want to bad mouth about others? Are you that perfect to mock someone else? God has created us the same only different characters and colours. Even how religious you are, and the same time you bad mouth about others, you are categorized as the same people that does not pray. So give yourself a thought before you comment about others!