Wednesday, January 28, 2009

#22 Lycans

Went and see Underworld 3:Rise Of The Lycans. Damn brutal and bloody movie man. Nice and sweet. 5/5 man.Hahahaha. Read the newspaper this morning,somewhere overseas,about 80,000 people being released from their job because of the current economy crisis,man luckily our country is still in the safe zone.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

#21-The Ox Year

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends.Hope you all have a prosper and healthy year.Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! I'm bored,there's anything left to do,some of my assignment have completed some are not(malas),nak keluar jogging asyik hujan je,macam mana nak keep fit ni???huhuhuhuhu. Well I'm going back soon,but don't know yet when,hmmmm,boringnya...nazmi tolong daku ='0(

Sunday, January 25, 2009

#20 Genting

Hehehe went to Genting for one night stand.Hahahaha.joking. Just spending my hols down there with family. Reached there in the afternoon and the hotel was packed with human beings.Scaryyyy.The night was so cold and chill.The mist was thick like never seen before.
The next day we didn't manage to get on the corkscrew and flying coaster because of the weather,sad ='0(...the mist was so thick and suddenly it drizzle...Hmmm hope next time it wont be...

#19 Home sweet home

Wahhhh finally i got back from perak to pj.Huhuhuhuhu home sweet home but was unsatisfied about how the conductor bus handle the seats on that day,3 of my friends were forced to take another bus and inconsiderable passengers just get on,on the bus without caring about other except themselves,i don't know where all the values of Asian people disappear to.hmmm

Saturday, January 10, 2009

#18-Old already....

Happy Birthday to me on 08012009!!!getting old already....more responsibility to come,hair keep on falling,hahahahaha. Got alots of wishes from family and friends,no special gift though but,I feel very happy on that day.Hehehehe

Went out that night to downtown,suddenly a heavy storm came,was a freezin' night hehehehe. Going back another forth night! Can't wait to go back.

Well I just make a short one this time. Got alots of assignment to complete.Well do take care.Cheers

Friday, January 2, 2009

#17-Happy New Year And Hello Campus Life(Again~Sigh*)

It's been a week already I'm here in Perak to start my new semester,huhuhuhuhu,well the journey continues again for my future,hahahahahaha.Thing are well organized by the way from my previous semesters.!Classes started on Tuesday with costing,found out it was quite interesting.Well have to better this sem.Need to bulk up my grades and body.hahhaaha.

I'm trying to cut down my rice intake,trying....and was OK but I'll be tired by the evening cause lack of energy but things will work out though.huhuhuhuhu.Gotta call from my dad on new year's day,my friends are all celebrating in KL and I'm stuck in Perak as usual.Met my Uncle's niece here,L,she quite cute though,hehehehehe =0P,well most men will fell for her if they meet her,hahahaha.

On Friday,my FAR lecturer introduce herself to us. Okla...she's very particular about everything so have to be careful...sssssssssssssss.hehehehe.Law lecturer was like BANG!She's fast when she's talking,need to follow her every movement man,if not you will be left behind.hahahahaha.Well I am still in money crisis even though the loan has entered last Thursday. Need to learn how to budget myself(that's why I'm interested in costing,huhuhuhuhuhu)well that is all for now.Do take care.