Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I thought so the day will come

sometimes,i will go overboard with my actions, and people will question,why am i like this,,so forgive me for being who i am, never meant to lead misunderstanding feelings and thoughts!

Monday, November 28, 2011


my migraine started badly since the beginning of this semester I'm worried about my condition that can lead to serious major illness. i need to loose some weight to make my migraine disappear.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

bagi muka

sampai bila akan diperlakukan sebegini? asyik bagi muka je?terasa sangat di dalam hati ni...



liverpool tee

my first ever liverpool shirt! hahahaaha, i will never walk alone

oh harimau malaya

oh harimau malaya,was leading 1-0 before half time,and scored another goal,but unfortunately,bahrain came back with 3 goals to seal the deal,and end the game 3-2. but no matter what, malaysia needs to win 3 consecutive game to make it to the next round for the olympic. go malaysia!!!!

Nike Run 10

abang participate in the nike kl 10k run
today was a very early riser for me to wake up at 430am to accompany my dad and bro who participating for the nike kl run 10k. the crowd was huge,i mean really huge, the emcee for the day was jj from and performance by mizz nina and my man,joefilzz, it was a good experience for my brother,he had a blast. looking forward to participate,but need to loose some weight!

21 months old

my gege so sweet
we celebrated our 21 months of anniversary this month. it was a blast! take her out for lunch and spend the whole day with her,i love you so much