Thursday, October 23, 2008

#12 Open house,second test and final exam approaching

Hey guys,sorry for the very late post was kinda busy for the past 3 weeks,a lots of test and quizzes being held along the 3 weeks.Had an open house by Dba and Za's.First time experience of overnight. Well my feelings towards this 3 weeks was very uneasy kinda feeling,don't know why,but along the 3 weeks and with my weirdo feelings i made a few poems for myself. It suddenly pop out through my mind,so lets have a hear of it,shall we.

(1st poem)
When love at first sight is true,
What more can you do?
Follow your heart without hesitation and doubtless,
Grab the chance that is lying in front of you,
What are you waiting for?
Be the grabber you want to be.

(2nd poem)
I adore everything that you do that I can't,
Feeling that is unworthy to feel,felt worthy,
You gave me faith because you believe in me,
You are the one that complete my other half,
Felt a perfect match in the heart of me,
You are everything that I'm not,
I'm everything I am right now because you love me

(3rd poem)
World without love,is like a body without a soul,empty,
Even though my feeling towards you is true,
Will you accept a person like me?
To you,I'm just a friend and that's all I've ever been,
Afraid and shy,I let my chance go by,
A chance that you might love me too,
I always pray for your happiness and joy with the lucky guy that you are with.

(4th poem)
I've done a big mistake to you,
A mistake that I never should do in the first place,
A mistake that can't be undo,redone or be taken back,
I ran away form you,
Can't face you even a glimpse,
You must be wondering,what is this big mistake that I have done?
A mistake that I have fallen in love with you and love you until the very end of my life.

Haha,can say my grammar is bad but at least i give it a try ay,while waiting a evening class on a particular Wednesday,i rest myself near surau at the faculty,read this particular book,quiet interesting and I found a quote that is very meaningful "Nilai manusia yang mulia sebenarnya adalah diukur dari kemurahan hati dan sifat terpujinya,bukan baju yang dipakainya,bukan rumahnya."very deeply touched my heart.

Well now I'm at home for study week,want to come back just to see my parents cause they just came back from Hokkaido japan,so kinda miss them a lot.huuhuhuu.Well,I'll catch up with ya'll later ay.Peace out~take care

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