Saturday, December 20, 2008


Arghhhhhhhhhh finally result came out,huhuhuhhuu alhamdulillah,thank god i didn't flung any paper,huhuhhuh but somethings i didn't expected to get that particular marks,but i just thank god for my effort,but i have to try harder next semester,huhuhhuh.

Well things seems to be relieve for me right now,but somethings are not,like going back to campus,huhuhuhuhuhu another one week to go(mcm x percaya pula)huhuhuhu but what to do,have to focus for my future. This all for the future though. Hmmmm insyallah next week will go out with my schoolmates,it's been while i really hang out with them and Christmas is just around the corner,i take this opportunity to wish Merry Christmas to my cousins and my friends and a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!Bye!bye! 2008 and Hello to 2009!!!

And i would like to congratulate to all my friends who scores for their examination,for those who didn't scores,it's alright though,4 semester to go,strive harder,shoot for the moon,even you fall,you'll land among the stars.
Well do take care.=0D

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