Friday, January 2, 2009

#17-Happy New Year And Hello Campus Life(Again~Sigh*)

It's been a week already I'm here in Perak to start my new semester,huhuhuhuhu,well the journey continues again for my future,hahahahahaha.Thing are well organized by the way from my previous semesters.!Classes started on Tuesday with costing,found out it was quite interesting.Well have to better this sem.Need to bulk up my grades and body.hahhaaha.

I'm trying to cut down my rice intake,trying....and was OK but I'll be tired by the evening cause lack of energy but things will work out though.huhuhuhuhu.Gotta call from my dad on new year's day,my friends are all celebrating in KL and I'm stuck in Perak as usual.Met my Uncle's niece here,L,she quite cute though,hehehehehe =0P,well most men will fell for her if they meet her,hahahaha.

On Friday,my FAR lecturer introduce herself to us. Okla...she's very particular about everything so have to be careful...sssssssssssssss.hehehehe.Law lecturer was like BANG!She's fast when she's talking,need to follow her every movement man,if not you will be left behind.hahahahaha.Well I am still in money crisis even though the loan has entered last Thursday. Need to learn how to budget myself(that's why I'm interested in costing,huhuhuhuhuhu)well that is all for now.Do take care.

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