Friday, February 6, 2009

#23 Exhausted

 Well,I started my second part of my third sem..mmm what can I say,very tiring,hay wiring and injuries.
Tiring is that,hmmm no rice for the past 4 days,working out excessively non stop,classes up to the  evening and other stuff. Hay wiring with all the assignments and d projects have to be done in a short period,tests are coming(waiting)and arghhhhhh in dilemma of something.My sprint my ankle and had a collusion while playing basketball,limping while walking,kinda painful though.Huhuhuhuhu.

Nani bought a new hp(saje kaco,know u will read my blog),Liverpool out of the FA Cup(curse you Everton),test in forth night,Thaipusam on Sunday(Monday is a holiday),still not impressed with my body,still not impressing my lecturers(arghhhh gotta do something)Well that's all folks

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