Wednesday, May 20, 2009

#35-Lakers Take Away First Game

Lakers take home the first game of the western conference final by beating up Denver 105-103. Denver had the tremendous lead in the 4th quarter,but Lakers came back up with Derek Fisher 'smoosh' 3 pointer, assist by Kobe Bryant. Kobe had 40 points,4 assist and 6 rebounds.

T. Ariza make a big steal from Billups but he came back with a BIG three and make it to a 2 point game. But yet they were undefeated and win the first game.Carmelo was upset that he loose but the young lad scored 39 points and 6 rebounds. Both Carmelo and Bryant made a technical foul at 2nd and 3rd quarter. What will happen the second game? We will find out next Friday.

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