Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kuala Terengganu Tournament 2011

First team we up against KT boys
We lost by 24 points but it was hell of game
This is sa-sa-sapiqqqqq
Lepas game melantak nasi briyani, zul xtahan dengan muka stim
RMC bai,tgk cincin skit!!!
Our captain!
2nd game we fought with Terengganu Team A.There are state players, and note there are also national players
We lost by 19 points. We had a lead but it wasn't good enough,but we gave our best!! Hell of an experience.
Suma mengutuk abe a.k.a. sa-sa-sapiqqqq
Lepak di McD sampai pukul 2 a.m
Maklum bahawa,itu adalah longkang, bukan sungai,hahahaha
Mr. Roger
Zul pose maut
Hachani tersayang
We love Terengganu!!!!
The game was nice, the journey was awesome. This is my first time and i say this is the best game of my life. Never felt like this before. Mwahahaha. Hope this opportunity given to me again to play under UiTM or the pros. Thank you!!!

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