Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sprained Ankle

i sprained my ankle on Wednesday. collide with one of the opponents. a pain which i always encounter. thus i didn't straight away put ice on it, i massage it first, because my body is still in a hot condition. putting a bag of ice will take a longer time to heal. word of advice do not apply straight with ice but massage it first if you encounter any injury during sport because your body is still hot. logically if you take out a glass from the freezer,and apply hot water it will break right? so is the same but your bone wont crack but it will take longer time to heal. so after you massage the injured part,after you take a bath/shower, then only you soak it with ice. then before going to bed,massage it again with deep heat cream. and when you are about to go bed make sure to rest your leg a bit higher instead of parallel with your body. take care! it will take at least one week or more for me to recover. toodles

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