Sunday, April 12, 2009

#31-Pantas & Garang

Happy birthday Iena and Hyezum!!!Early Saturday morning,went for a talk about health with my dad at building next to Crystal Crown Hotel,P.Jaya. Was really amazing talk,it make myself realize how important is health to me and how to resist High BP and diabetes!And one way to reduce this problems is exercising.Dr. Aziz mention that men who have waist-line above 35 will have the risk of heart attack and stroke so does women who waist-line above 30.
At night,went to my Makngah's house for my cousin's birthday party. Was a blast one,met all of my relatives including my Opah,who i didn't see for the past 2 1/2 months.='0)

Liverpool won 4-0.Huhhuhuhuhu beautiful opening goal from Torres,great accuracy

Today,went to Pyramid with Biggie brother to watch Fast & Furious 4! Great,great movie.Better than no.2,huhuhuhuhu,5 stars baby!

Wait for my next story!P/s:nazmi makanlah ubat,hang ada paper next week!Jaga dir baik2!

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