Saturday, April 11, 2009

#30-I'm Home!!!!

Finally I'm home sweet home!It is been two and half months since i came back,wanna cry,huhuhuhu. Went back with KTM,more convenient from taking a bus and the hustle to go to Bandar U,and inconsiderate people will aboard the bus even though the bus is not their time yet.Grrrr!Was a chill and somber journey,but my friends make the train alive.Taking pictures,making jokes around(luckily no one hanging on the pole)hahahaha.Huhhuhuhu

Well just having a week of study break,still have to study at home,and then off to Finale Examination,huhuhuhu.Hope I can do better this time,I must!And still my heart still not fully recover yet,even though I've seen my parents and all.

I wonder if she,ever,ever think of me,just once???I wonder...I care so much,but what did I get??Dust....It hurt badly but I'm sure I can recover it...I guess,On the 23rd of April will be World Book Day's,so I thought of grabbing a new book!huhuhuhuhuhu can't wait!!!!So all you reader's wait for the Day!!!Chow

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