Monday, June 29, 2009

#43-Is This The End....Or A Beginning Of Something new

Well I should put so much hope though. See now what happen?I'm hurt. I shouldn't have put big hopes,but we were getting along just fine...well,what can I say,I just have to move on. I can't let this feeling pull me always. It's been a zillion time this thing happen,but who to blame except myself +'0(
Each day have past,
Each moment have counted,
Everyday my heart fall into pieces,
For no reason, I've became a statue.
What is this felling that I have in my heart?
Feeling that I cannot describe,
Everyday I've been searching for this feeling that lay inside me,
A feeling,I can't bared live without it.
Is this love,that I feel?
But who does my heart belong to?
Is she out there or my heart just fooling around?
To search this feeling,I end my life with.

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