Saturday, March 28, 2009

#29-Another rainy and dull night

Well had that chat that i want to,can consider happy for me,but I'm worry about her feelings though,hmmm well yesterday was Earth Day,my campus switch off the street lights,hahahaha was dark like you can't see a thing,hehehe we did some naughty stuff in the dark(shhhhh)hehehehehe

And it was raining so it add a lil bit of uhm!in the darkness,hahahahahaha!!!It was quite successful,didn't expect the campus will switch off the lights,huhuhuhu,Switch off the lights and save the earth!!! huhuhuhuhu

New poem
"It Begins With One"
One person,makes the proposal;
One person,to accept the invitation;
One word.needed and that is LOVE;
One heart,have connected;
One love,have created.



arif elnur said...
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arif elnur said...

hmmmm actually not all room switch off the light.. mine not actually .. i did turn it off, but others said it was kurafat and they turn it on again. huhuhuhu. btw great poem huhuhu.....