Friday, July 31, 2009



You were always been there for me,
You were my teacher,my mom and most importantly you were my best friend,
I was so naive to take advantage of you by falling in love with someone else,
Though never consider nor even care how you feel,
You were supporting me the whole way up,
And I just thought that you were helping me as a friend,
One day,you were gone,thousand miles away without saying goodbye,
And all the sudden,my heartache,like it was reap apart into two,
I received a letter from you, a necklace was with it too,
News that you are in LOVE with me since the day we met,
You wrote that never ever try to search for you ain't no mountain high enough,ain't no river low enough,do not search for you,
I manage to call your mom, with tremble she answered the phone and said
"You were killed in an accident"
I screamed and punish myself to the ground,threw things,even try to kill myself
But..there's no point of it...
You are gone,forever and its to late for everything or anything and my chance to say
Thanx to Nani

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