Wednesday, July 1, 2009

#45-Be Less Discourage,Be More Determined

Common man,you can do it!!!! I always say this to myself for the past 3 days...hahahahaha,lately I've been feeling pretty low and I know what is it,but can't tell lorrr.huhuhuhuhuhuhu. Thing around me are being negative and to push myself is to think postive,butttttttttt the problem is,everytime i try to think postive,the negative aura is very powerful than i could imagine. I can be postive for about few minutes,after that it start to think badly,i think i have this ability to read people,but i never jump to conclusion and start commenting,but sometimes the negative thoughts make you want to do that know?
It's tough though sometimes,but i always say,failure can make you stronger,but I am caught by this negative aura around me. God only knows what is happening to me right now and I attend to hide it from my friends by being bubbly and funny all the time to show I'm having a fun time but inside,the heart and feelings crashing up.
Well nothing to share anymore,only who reads this understand my feelings. Take care!!!

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