Friday, July 3, 2009

#48-Silent Night...

Today,I went Bangsar and Subang Parade to get my needs cause I will be away for couple of months,yes,yes,classes will be starting next week and I got to get my ass back to 'Silver State'.Hahahahaha,well things don't turn up as you expected,but you just have to go with the flow,unless you have a backup plan,for me,I don' think I have one,because if I loose this one,I just have to accept it no matter I like it or not.I have to move on,but when things roll up back towards you,just open your arms with free will. Hehehehe,by the way,maybe I will not be posting as often because will be tight up with my classes. It depends on circumstances though. Hehehe wish my all the best for this new semester.Toodles~

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