Sunday, March 22, 2009


Huhuhuhuhuh I've fall ill,again and this time food poisoning. Ate 'tempe' at DM and became worst at night.Vomited twice.Curse you DM!!!! Didn't go to class on Wednesday,was unable to walk neither leave the bed,was dehydrated like shit. Ate rice for the past 5 days and can't barely avoid it cause need energy to wake up and go to class.Drank 2 bottles of 100plus(damn cause more money).

It was hell as well as heaven to me this week,met a new heart,not just one but two,but....can't barely you know,say the word.Heart jumping around(like my friend said),still searching for the one,but I think it's better off to make friend first.It still long way to go for me.Well have to go through a lots of task this week and hmmm,and miss ma famille,home,and exercising....3 weeks to go and home sweet home,the end of my 3rd semester is coming(time flies),final is coming and I'm in love with...~

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