Friday, March 6, 2009


Des Souvenir De Amours

Oh Joie Vous Etes Presente;
(Oh Joy, You Are Here)

Tous LesReves D'amour Moi Je Les Entrevois;
(I Glismpse All The Love-Dream)

J'entendes Les Anges Qui Chantent;
(I Hear The Angel Sing)

Et C'est Un-e Chanson;
(And It's A Song)

Qui N'est Rien Que Pour Moi;
(For Me Alone)

Quand L'ete Au Bord De La Mer;
(When It's Summer By The Sea)

Vous Etes La;
(And You Are There)

Le Clel Est Toujours Clair;
(The Sun Is Always There)

Et Le Sable Ou Vous Dormez;
(And The Sand On Which You Sleep)

Aussitot M'est Cher;
(Is Just As Dear)

You Looked At Me And Smile;

J'ai Ton Scurir Dans Mon Coeur;
(I Keep Your Smile In My Heart)

C'est Ma P'tite Fleur De Bonheur
(It's My Flower If Joy)

Ma Fleur D'amour
(My Flower Of Love)

Que Reste T'il;
(There Just Remains)

Des Billet Doux Des Mois D'avril Des Rendevous;
(A Note Of Love The Monthe Of April Our Meeting)

Que Reste T'il Des Nos Amours;
(There Just Remain Of Our Love)

Que Reste T'il De Ces Beaux Jours;
(There Just Remains-Of Our Fine Days)

Nabil Nazmi

Well I'm not in the mood actualy,mentally abused,hehehehehe i posted a new poem,hope you all enjoyed it and do take care.Got to go now,have to performe tomorrow,quite nervous actually,well wish me luck =0)

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