Saturday, March 28, 2009


Chest pain!!!Stupid phlegm!!!why am i still sick,eyes watery,stupid2!!!well it's not really a bad week for me,i can say it's a spectacular one,had a sweet conversation with my admirer,huhhuhuhuhu.She so sweet,hehehehe,learn some new guitar moves,hahahaha and I forgot to mention that I participated in the inter part that held during the weekend last week,volleyball and we did pretty good,2nd place,even though we can be the champs but all was like nervous and afraid,at least we did our best.

Wanna wish happy birthday to Fadh. You be girl already.Hehehehehe.My shoulder again making problem,it aches like hell,and i asked for the coach help to massage it.I learned how to massage people,quite interesting hehehehe.

Maybe tonight,hang out at downtown with nazmi,huhuhuhuhu,and hope i can chat with her again,hehehehe.Take care mates~

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