Saturday, August 16, 2008

#5 Home!!!!

Well woke up kinda late that day,so we will start our mid-sem break today and all of us can't wait to go home especially Taqim. Our brother can't wait.hehehehe, We had our morning class with FAR learning about suspent account. Kinda cool to know why is the account created. Was very sleepy but luckily didn't slept in d class. We ended our class at 10 a.m and everyone was rushing back to go home. We hug and kisses each other(girls with girls only). Didn't had the chance to say goodbye to Dba,Huda,dLa,shikin,k-rol and most of the girls. Just send a text message to them.huhuhhuhuhu,well myself,wan,fitrah,syahid,khalil,fadh and wan rep will go back on the same bus at 8 p.m. We reached KL around midnight. My dad and brother pick me up from the Pudu station and treated me for supper at Starbucks Midvalley,just ate sandwich and java chip blended. Was tired and sleepy. I went to bed around 2 a.m.

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