Friday, August 29, 2008

#7 Holiday Break

Went out with amir to have a man to man chat. Hahaha sounds very funny, just hanging out at mid valley had a cup of coffee, chat a little, Farid was there along. Amir bought guitar string and picks and Farid bought a sony Mp3. We persuade him to buy a samsung mp3 cause the accessories is better than sony, there's bluetooth and a video player and the price is same as the sony. Our brother still want to buy the sony, so we can't do anything, it's his money... Went back home with my big bro...than went to Syiok cafe for dinner, was tiring day that day but I had fun.

It was rather a dull and wet day, rain was pouring down like it's not going to stop,went to Subang Parade to meet Nazmi there,we were planning to go out with my classmates. Me and Nazmi took KTM from Subang to kl central. In the train, I sat beside a very lovely young Chinese lady. I was looking at on what she was doing. She was preparing a financial statement that i know in accounting. So I was assuming she an accountant, and then the fun part begin when I saw a dialog box beside the Microsoft excel column that stated' Ernst & Young which is the top 4 company major in accounting in the world. So it make me more excited. I was thinking 10 times whether ask or not to ask. When we were about reach kl central, i determine myself to ask and she answered yes. She graduated from Sunway College and working E&Y for two years already, she an auditor there. She was giving me an advice to pursue my study in ACCA instead of degree. Along the chat,Nazmi was pocking-pocking me from behind(xada koje). It was really an experience to me to meet this kind of people.

Met my classmates at Times Square and we hanged out there like until sunset,watched 'don't mess with the zohan' movie, damn nice and funny bought some clothes and stuff.

When we were about to go back the monorail was packed like sardines. I was like the big sardine squash inside there,gosh can't barely move man, can't barely breathe too. Hahahahaha. When we reached Kl central monorail, we all went out our own ways. Myself and Nazmi waited for a bus near the monorail station,i was supposed to head to Bangsar to meet my dad and bro there. Hail a cab,don't want to go there, was piss off about it,waited a bus with Nazmi, a bus passes by and i was chasing the bus,when i was near to the bus,it went off,was piss off some more.GRRRRRRR...lucky nazmi, he went back first. So i decided to go to the kl central itself, to search a bus or cab. Dad keep on calling, i was piss off with all the cab and bus drivers. On my way to search for the bus, I met Dlare~ She from MidValley. Had couple of talks,offered my company but she said she was OK. I have to respect her decision. Then dad called, asked to meet upstairs.Went straight home and sleep, was damn tiring.
Thank you!

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