Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fresh Day!

Hooray!!! Today is my first day of posting a blog. Kinda new though so need help along the way.Huhuhuhuhu,well where should i start.full name,nabil nazmi bin harith in puchong bandar kinrara.race,hmmm what do u think???hahaha i am multiracial.hehehe indian can,chinese can,malay also can,chindian also can,hahahha.well currently now starting my 2nd sem in Uitm Perak,my course will be D.I.A that's stands for diploma in accountancy,classes and activities are packed because ramadhan is coming so everything has to be done before it. Today was rather a very calm and dull day because of the weather here.It's been sizzling hot for the past two weeks.Had a family day last sunday(03/08/08)had a great time,enjoy to the max. 2 days was fun listening to the old rock bands from classmates hp,we had a great chat along the way. Tonight insyallah,we'll continue our session again. We had some things to settled by this evening but unfortunately it was postponed to tomorrow. Well that's about today. Hope to keep you all update. take care

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