Sunday, August 17, 2008

#6 Boring~

Started the day with waking up at 10 a.m,huhuhuhuhu had nasi lemak for breakfast. Help my mom with house chores.... I read the news paper and saw an article about Diana Krall concert but it's very expensive(whylar...????)cheapest ticket is RM300. Why do I hv no luck when I wanna go to this kind of concert?Grrrrrr,along the pages,read about Mocca,that will be performing today. Another dissapoinment*sob*Having a bad day,today. Had McD for lunch,quater pounder with cheese. Gosh~how long since I ate one?

Got my hair cut after Zohor prayers. The barber complain why am I getting bald.Hahahahaha I was laughing all the way,but what to do I said it is in the family. The barber said I will become fully bald by the age of 25,am I??? Gotta to do something.

Check out the new hair cut*

Online the whole day, open every single email that I have to,read all of it. Open my facebook,myspace and friendster,upload some photos,huh~ Very tiring because of sitting to long. Went out to Pandis for dinner,ate Rava Thosai,dah lama gila x makan,was very satisfied...Well this the end. Bon nuit~

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nazmie said...


aku dpt iklan free kat sini. haha! :p