Friday, August 8, 2008

#2 Calm Day

Gun shot?Announcement for us to go to the field?What this all about?Is UiTM under attack?Is was a very calm morning but the gun shot wake me up from sleep and had me stun what is happening.They having a campaign organized by PDRM, called RAKAN COP that's being held in Padang A.Quiet shock though.My friends are all sleeping like a baby.Hmmm lucky them!Straight to the bathroom ,shower and had around 10 a.m. Sms nazmi,asked him if he wanted to go to the cc in front of the campus.

Yesterday was a very stressful day for me,we just received our eco quiz 1 and i did realy bad. I was disappointed and feel very down. Amir,my pal ask me what was going on,i just kept quiet and that night,called my dad and xplain to him everything,he just gave me word of advice and do better for the next quiz. Release my stress by watching "Wanted"quiet nice movie though.

was very hungry like he can eat a cow. Along the way,i was texting with dla on d phone and talking to nazmi who is beside me.She gave me a boost and had a great conversation with her this morning,she is going to her opah's house in Lambor,bota and waiting for her cousin to fetch her. Me and nazmi had our lunch at rahmat's corner. Currently,we at the cc,checking our mails and everything,suddenly nazmi was attacked by a furious CPU.hahaha kinda funny though(u all should seen it). Damn funny.Hahahahaha

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