Saturday, August 16, 2008

#4 Birthday Bash

Quiet ok though that day,just like a mad man wondering around here and there. We had our big demonstration at noon about "our rights as a student",my voice kinda like break up that evening because of shouting to much,hahahahaha dummy~Then after the demo, I went to the clinic. I'm having this xtremely ich on my left hand side,feel like cutting hand off,the doctor said it might cause by an insect call "Charlie".Hahahaha,he just gave me a cream to apply on.That night was a fun night,but not that fun,cause I feel kinda dizzy. We celebrated Yusuf and Shikin's birthday,most of the class member and some from other classes attend, we had a small celebration and we start wiping each other faces with the cake.Hahahaha i got hit too! And we started the fun part,egg breaking on d brithday boy and girl.Actualy Hafiz wanted all of us to throw the egg at Yusuf but most of the guys planned that they wanna throw the egg at Hafiz,so Khalil told Yusuf what's what,and we let Hafiz lead the way,we counted to 3 and "Bam! Smack!"shit the face out on Hafiz and speed ourself away from him,Hafiz covered with eggs and I mean plenty of it.We end it with all of us taking shower at 1 a.m.

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