Saturday, August 16, 2008

#3 Stressfool

11/08/08-Stressfool Day 1
Was very stressful day,just receive back my biz.quiz,did very bad and almost cried( a man crying,couldn't believe that huh?hahahahaha),then our lecturer inform us that she is going to the 2nd quiz in essay form make me more stressful than ever,Gosh,my hir gone heywire already,but did quiet ok though. During our FAR class,dla,huda and dba try to calm me down,then I felt better,thanks to these 3 lovely ladies. I receive compliment from my chief coordinator about my appearance. I was embarrased but try to keep it cool(kikikiki).That evening we had our basketball practise and did quiet badly because f my Biz.quiz affects my performance.Well, didn't seem to be that bad until i can't concerntrate at all
12/08/08-Stessfool Day 2
On Tuesday morning,during my statictics class...only 5 of the guys including me came to the class. The lecturer ask,why it is so quiet?It's like we the only people inside the campus. The guys didn't bother to answer the question neithe to I.hahahaha. On that evening, I skip my basketball practise because the next day we are having our economic's quiz and gave me a massive headache. Well you gotta do what you gotta do. Slept quiet late that night just for revising what will come out the next day
13/08/08-Stressfool Day 3
The big day has come ,for me to mark up my eco's marks. Did quiet bad on the essay part,can't barely answer question #2. Didn't expected for culculation to come out. Damn dawg~ I was pretty mess up back there,the multiple-choice was ok though but the essay part, it's just like fcuk up! Damn~

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